It’s finally the season of hot chocolates and cozy surroundings, undoubtedly the best time of the year! It is also the time when we buck up to get all our jackets and quilts out of the attic to escape the wintery jitters. Now we know you might think that items like quilts do not require a lot of thought before you purchase them, but you will be surprised to know that one wrong quilt can take away all the comfort of sleeping from you! 

In line with this, we have shortlisted some of the most ideal quilts from Ratan Jaipur, where every quilt is handcrafted by skilled artisans with utmost care and thus should suit all your requirements for this winter and the many ones afterward!

Floral Cotton Quilt for a fresh vibe 

If you are someone who loves keeping their bedroom cozy across seasons, this quilt is the best choice for you. Made with precision, its 100% cotton material is the reason behind the comfortable feel, and therefore, you can use it during any weather! Additionally, because you can use it throughout the year, it is an added benefit if the quilt is visually appealing - the prints of this quilt will instill a very refreshing vibe in your room, making it the perfect accessory. 

Reversible Hand Block printed Quilt 

What’s better than reusing the same quilt without going through the hassle of changing it over and over again? This is where reversible quilts come in as an absolute savior, add to that it's 100% cotton material and there is nothing better you can purchase this winter. You can also purchase reversible quilts from Ratan Jaipur where they use the method of hand block printing on their quits, making the quilt look extraordinarily appealing!   

Hand screen printed Quilt for the ones who prefer intricacy 

The first aspect that comes into any individual’s mind while purchasing a quilt is the comfort it provides. Granted that is the most significant, but for the ones who also want their bedroom and their choices to reflect their personality of being unique, opting for a hand screen printed quilt is the right and probably the only way to go!

The intricacy with which they are created will make your room shine bright and add to that the comfort of the material will last for years! Our recommendation here would be to purchase a quilt in a slightly red-hued tone to amplify its look.
To sum it up, as we mentioned before, quilts serve more purpose in your bedroom than just helping you escape the cold. The right material will keep you comfortable during the night and the right prints will make your room look luxurious and elegant during the day. Therefore, investing well in the right quilt is a very sensible idea because it will last you years! And not only through winters, if you get the right material like cotton, but you can also stay cozy while sleeping throughout the year!
If you want to check out more quilts or bedding options for winters, do visit Ratan Jaipur for some amazing options!