Lately, we’ve seen our Instagram flood with fashion girls experimenting a lot (a lot!) with this must-have accessory - stoles. Fashion bloggers and influencers like Komal Pandey have shown us a couple of different stole styles, by making it a crop top or a blouse, as a bandeau or a headgear, the possibilities are absolutely endless when it comes to this versatile accessory!


But now that there’s a nip in the air, we’d rather keep ourselves warm and chic by wearing this winter essential for layering. 


From luxurious pashminas to cotton silk stoles, from pom pom to festive red stoles, we bring to you 6 cool stoles and fun ways to style them this winter.



This winter accessory will not only keep you warm but also help you stay chic in this sweater weather. Make your winter days happy and bright with our softest multi-colored stoles in luxurious Pashminas. You can team it up with any monochrome ensemble to highlight the stunning shades.


Try the basic loop drape where all you have to do is to drape the stole unevenly around your neck and loop the longer end around your neck twice before letting it hang and voila, you’re ready to rock the winter look!



The color ‘MAROON’ exudes boldness and confidence - get ready to make a statement with fiery maroon silk stole, especially when the temperature starts to dip. On those freezing days, when the puffer jackets don’t suffice, it’s the extra accessories that can actually help you keep you warm.


Nuzzle up in our statement-making red stole that goes with almost everything, whether you want a badass look with a leather jacket or a chic look with a parka.



Looking for a stole that will go with anything and everything? Crafted in soft and luxe pashmina, opt for a muted tone light cream stole that will go with everything you wear! Throw in on as to add some color to an otherwise dull outfit or wear it around your neck as an added layer to keep you warm.


While there are numerous ways of wearing a scarf, we specifically recommend the ‘loop through’ drape - looks difficult but is very simple. Just fold your scarf in half and drape it around your neck. Then, put one end through the loop and pull through. That’s all, you just learned a new stole-wearing style!



Beat your winter blues with a blue pashmina stole! Serene and calming, our ombre plush pashmina stoles come in a tranquil color scheme and are designed to last beyond seasons. While there are different styles of wearing stoles, we love how the varied shades of blue are seen in a ‘faux infinity’ drape.


Sounds alien? Well, it’s easy peasy! Create a circle by tying a knot between the two opposite corners of the stole together. Swing it over your head a few times (thrice) while keeping the knot at the back.



Winter weddings come with their own challenges - of course, there’s no sweltering heat or humidity but you can’t wear your backless blouses without shivering with cold.


This is where a maroon silk stole comes to your rescue. Crafted in silk blends, our maroon stole is festive and can be styled with a lot of traditional wear. There are various ways on how to style a stole but the layman-approved style is the basic drape. Always works during summers!



Add a pop of color to brighten up any winter ensemble. A mix of tradition and modernity, our pom-pom stole can add character to any outfit, be it summers or winters. The details and pattern come together to give you a style that is simply timeless. Try any latest stole style to drape and you’re ready to shine!


We've rounded up our favorite stoles for you to look chic and elegant this winter.  From statement colors to muted tones, from luxurious pashminas to lush cotton silks,  our stole repertoire is ever-growing and there’s a style for everyone! Gear up for the winter season with a cool stole to keep you warm through the breezy days and chilly nights. Happy Winters!