How to Wear a Sarong? Here are 7 stylish ways

Ahhh… a glass of chilled margarita, a thriller read, some sandcastle building tools, and a lounger, someone please bring those beach days back!

If you too are a beach baby and yearning to just get on a beach holiday, we can just say, we feel you, girl! You know the most enlightened souls out there say that you manifest what you think.  It may take some time but those happy sunny days by the beach will be back. 

So, you can just pretend that you are soon going on a holiday and start prepping for it already. Staples for a beach holiday definitely include sarongs and while they look lovely, many struggle to find the right drape that suits them. Why not utilize this time to hone the sarong wrapping skills?

So, without delay let us show you seven different ways to wear a sarong to make your next beach selfies truly memorable and insta-worthy:

1.      Classic Halter Dress

An all-time classic, the halter dress is one of the most delicate ways of wrapping around your summer sarongs. Here’s how you wrap it:

  1. Hold your sarong at the back of your body, horizontally.
  2. Take the top two corners at either sides and bring it in front from under your arms.
  3. Gather the left end to the right side and the right one to the left side.
  4. Take the two edges at the back and secure them with a double knot at the nape of your neck.


2.      A contemporary twist to the halter neck sarong wrap

If you want to ditch the regular and try something new, try out this halter neck alternative.

  1. Hold your sarong at the back of your body like the usual halter neck style.
  2. Bring it to the front of your body from under your arms.
  3. Pull the left end to the right side and the right one to the left side.
  4. Secure them with a tight knot.
  5. Before taking the sarong at the back of the neck, give it a good twist and tie it firmly at the back


3.      Bandeau style with front knot

The bandeau or the strapless tube way to style a sarong highlights your body silhouette in the most charming way. If you are in the mood to flaunt your defining neckline, this one’s a must-try:

  1. Take the sarong vertically in front of your body.
  2. Take the corners at the opposite ends of the sarong wrap and wrap them from front to back under the arms.
  3. Take the corners from the back and bring it to the front near the bust line and secure it firmly with a knot.


4.      Sarong skirt pattern

In case you do not want to fully hide your stunning beachwear and flaunt your bikini body, you can opt for skirt-styled sarong wraps. Amongst the easiest drapes, you can wrap it like a short/mini skirt or a long one.

Short side knot style skirt

  • Fold your sarong in half.

  • Wrap it around your waist.

  • Tie the two ends on any one side.

Done! You need not even practice it, right?

Long style skirt

  • Take the sarong horizontally a little below your waist at the back.

  • Get both the corners to the front and tie a knot.

  • You may make the knot in the centre or on either side to give a look of a slide slit long skirt.


5.      Brazilian sarong dress pattern

Thinking about how to wear a sarong in a fancier way? Brazilian dress style is your answer. This DIY sarong dress style is fun, easy, and complements most body silhouettes.

  1. Place the sarong horizontally in the front of your body.
  2. Hold both the corners and take them to the back.
  3. Tie them firmly at the back of your neck.
  4. Pull up and gather the sarong from below to your waist level.
  5. Hold the two ends and tie it at the back of your lower body (just around your hip area)

6.      One-shoulder sarong dress

Another flattering way of going on a beach walk, hand-in-hand with your beloved and a pretty flower tucked in your hair, one-shoulder sarong wrap can give you all that movie-kinda feels. No kidding! Here’s how you can achieve the look:

  1. Hold the sarong horizontally at the back of your body.
  2. Take one end of the sarong and hold it at the middle of the back.
  3. Now, wrap around the sarong from under your arms from back to front.
  4. Wrap the remaining end of the sarong over the shoulder.
  5. Take the corners of the opposite ends together and secure them a knot at the back or just on the shoulder. 

7.      Sarong gown dress

A gown dress is another dreamy way of draping a sarong and can give you a breezy beachwear look. It looks absolutely stunning, especially, for that evening beach strolls with family and friends and takes less than a minute to style.

  1. Begin withholding the sarong horizontally at the back of your body.
  2. Now, from under your arms, bring forward the sarong.
  3. Tie the edges in a knot and take it to the back from over your head.

Easy-peasy right? You can also don a waist belt to add that extra glam to your sarong gown look.

So, are you ready to ace up your wrap game?

Have we got you excited for your next beach holiday? Well, try out these uber-stylish ways of wrapping up your designer sarongs and be prepared to bring out the best in you whenever you hit the beach next. BTW, apart from using sarongs as a wrap dress, you can also use them to accessorize your look. Sarongs are highly versatile and can be turned into headgear, turban, neck scarf, beach bag accessory, etc., as per your mood and style quotient. If you are looking to shop sarong online you may want to check out our collection, here.