5 Stunningly Simple Desk Decor Ideas for A Tropical Makeover

A desk makeover will not only allow you to feel refreshed but might even trigger your creative juices and help you to work better. Trust us, we have tested and tried it! 

And, with the monsoon season at its peak, it makes sense to add a tropical, breezy touch to your work desk. ‘How, you ask? Well, we have got some great desk decor ideas for you to quirk up your stationery and work table to match the season vibe. So, without any delay, let us begin!

Makeover Tip 101

Cute little tropical-theme diaries are the perfect kickstarter

Indulge in a tropical diary to take notes, organize your day, and plan your work schedule. Ahh, doesn’t the smell of the new diary’s paper still brings that childhood new session-start nostalgia back? So, giving yourself a diary treat shall definitely give your mood a delightful spin and you will remember it once again that the beauty lies in the little things!

Ratan Jaipur’s tropical diary with 100% handmade paper is just the right one for all you stationery addict souls who are looking to for eye-catchy desk decoration items to make your table look little more playful and charming.   

Makeover Tip 102

Some matching tropical stationery and storage items will also do the trick!

Find some complimenting stationery storage knick-knacks to add to the tropical fervour. If you are looking for desk organization ideas, items, and matching accessories, here are the perfect options. Our stationery items from the tropical collection like a pen stand, magazine/book holder, memo pad box, and others, will just complete the stationery look for your desk.

If you want to play around the theme and go for mix-matched tropical accessories, you may choose different floral prints, too.

Makeover Tip 103

Maybe cliché but forever classy, a photo frame always work

Find yourself a statement photo frame featuring maybe flamingos, florals, etc. Now, you may either add a photo with your family or a perfect click from your recent beach holiday (to give that boho-chic look), or even go for your favourite quote. The choices are many. But, wait we have another unique idea.

You can just draw out and colour your own tropical paradise and frame it up for your work desk. You may just use one of our sketchbooks which, too, are made from handmade sustainable paper to create some beach sceneries or abstract tropical art.

Oh, of course, it might fuel your cravings to take a beach holiday, but for the time being, you can just watch it every day while working and send in those good vibes out to the universe to make it happen soon.

Makeover Tip 104

A real plant pot to give a fresh look to your desk? Yes Please.

If you have a smaller desk, one plant in the corner may be sufficient, but if you have a larger workspace, then you can also accommodate two or more small plant pots. Go for indoor plants that do not need maintenance and just see how beautifully they supplement your tropical aesthetics. To give it a whimsical look, you may also wrap around a string of fairy lights, you know. #JustSaying.

Makeover Tip 105

Add those final tropic touches with some DIY desk décor crafts.

Your desk deserves some DIY pampering and the simplest way to go about it is to use papercraft materials to just quickly give it a handcrafted touch.

You may use fun papercraft books and make something from them or just go for readymade shaped cut outs to create a DIY paper painting.

If you have a wall in front of your desk, you can also hang a fun bunting, maybe with floral cut out shapes, to add to your tropical desk décor.

 A tropical desk is all the holiday feels you may get this year, so have a little fun!

We are not kidding and you know it. It is almost the end of the second month of the second quarter and with the ongoing crisis, we do not think any of us including you, will be taking that beach holiday this year. So, why not make the best of what we have and transform our workstation into a tropical garden, because believe it or not, that is exactly where most of our daytimes are being spent nowadays. 

So, go on, and try out our inexpensive, easy-peasy desk organizer craft ideas and hacks to obtain a tropical look for your station. Do let us know how it turned out for you by writing to us in the comments below.

And, if you are looking for quality tropical-inspired stationery finds, you may want to check out our website, here.