6 Brilliant Tips for Acing Your Festive Look!

The festive season brings with it the joy of dressing up and particularly, during this time of crisis, the celebratory mode is like the ultimate stress-buster for all. Ain’t it?

While staying at home and having intimate, small celebrations have become the new normal, you should not be holding yourself back to look the part. In fact, dressing up can help you feel really good and just add to the vibe of your celebrations. Plus, you get your Insta #ootd picture, too!

And, when it comes to finding out the perfect festival clothing, worry not, because we have some spectacular style tips to give you the most memorable looks, this festive season. 

Blend ease into your traditional wear

If there’s one thing that you have grown accustomed to while staying at home, it has to be ultra comfort and easy wear. You now appreciate the beauty of comfort even more and look for relaxed wear options even for festive wear. Agree?

What if we tell you that you can find the right ethnic outfit for the special occasion without any compromise on the level of ease?

Try this ultra-stylish and equally comfortable brown straight kurta crafted in cotton satin in with delicate cuff and neckline detailing and golden tissue pipping.

Another stunning Kurta, this opal grey block print Kurta will give you an ethereal look while keeping you relaxed and cheery, all-day long.

Notch it up with some fusion-ethnic ensembles

Looking to ditch the traditional Kurta this festive season? No problem! You can just ace your festive look without going all traditional.

You may opt for floral printed Kurtas with unique silhouettes or you may also go for floral printed jumpsuits. Yup, we said jumpsuits, because why not? Give your festive dressing a twist with a Charlotte Orange Block Print Cotton Jumpsuit like the one shown below.

A striking dupatta is all you need to amp up your Indian festival dresses

Dupattas can just add that extra appeal to your festive wear dresses and give a touch of elegance to your outfit.

This heavenly block printed Kota Doria dupatta with golden print detailing on off white is a versatile choice that can be paired with a variety of Kurtas and colours.

Another great choice would be this sand-coloured dupatta which can be teamed with a similar coloured Kurta or mixed and matched with a contrasting coloured Kurta or gown.

Give your festival dress a spin with a stunning stole

If you are not opting for a Kurta, add a stole to your dress and see how magically it transforms your look.

Try this half and half design printed blue stole appealing tassel details which will perfectly go with your dresses and other festive ensembles, too.

If you want something more delicate and floral printed, this lilac stole is just the right pick. Team it with contrasting pink or a similar coloured dress and you are ready to rock your festive look!

Go easy for your bottom wear

The pants can make or break your look. When choosing a pair of pants for your Kurta, look for stylish yet comfortable options. Having pockets is just a big plus as it makes your outfit highly functional.

For example, this straight pant with lace detailing at the bottom has pockets and would look great with most colours.  

These purple-coloured tapered pants with stylish organza panel detailing are perfect to notch up your simple block print Kurta look. They pair best with a grey coloured Kurta or you may also choose any other contrast coloured Kurta, too.

Accessorize your outfit with statement jewellery

Jewellery is an inherent part of festive dressing in India and gives that final touch to your overall look. So, whenever you are getting ready for a festive occasion do not forget to bring on your best game with statement jewellery.

However, do not overdo it as it will overpower your look and may look too much. To maintain that perfect balance, the key is to go for one statement piece and play subtle for others. Like, if you are going for a big, statement ring, then go for stud tops and a naked neck, and if you are opting for a statement earring, go for a string necklace and a delicate ring to complete the look.

The key consideration: Play it up to achieve that perfect festive look!

All our festive styling tips revolve around one major point: experimenting and trying out different things to know what works for you the best. Be confident in yourself and just let go of your comfort zone when dressing up for special occasions. You’ll surprise yourself, trust us!

So, go on and get yourself ready for festivals!

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