Utility Bags You Must Own to Organize Your Life Today!

Earrings, neckpieces, medicines, band-aids, shower gel, lipsticks, comb, razor - OMG! Do you have mental imagery of a mess when you think of your everyday essentials? 

Do you struggle to simplify your life because of all the clutter? 

Have you been looking for a perfect bag that could accommodate all your daily essentials? 

Say no more - your search for the perfect utility bag is over! Functional, fashionable, and sustainable - we guarantee that these 5 incredibly low-maintenance multi-utility bags will declutter your life in the most unexpected ways!

1. Circular Shaped Jewelry Bags

Jewelry has the power to add life to any outfit and is a great medium of self-expression. Luckily, we get to wear so many different types of jewelry – necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets, anklets, toe-rings, and the list goes on. But the real challenge lies in keeping them well-organized. 

Obviously, keeping storage boxes that have drawers is a no-brainer but there could also be few fun innovative ways of keeping that jewelry organized. You can hang those dainty neckpieces and long chandelier earrings on colorful hooks to avoid them getting entangled. While we’re sorted on keeping them organized at large, what really happens to the jewelry pieces that we tend to use daily? 

Well, we highly recommend our bestseller cotton jewelry bags – not only are they convenient to carry but also keep your jewelry safe. 

Each bag comes with three pouches to separate the jewelry pieces. Bonus is that they also come in vibrant prints, are made up of cotton and are hand quilted!

2. Envelope-Shaped Jewelry Bags

Variety is the spice of life and so we have jewelry bags in different shapes and sizes. These envelope-shaped bags are so versatile that you can keep your delicate jewelry safely and use it as an accessory to quirk up any basic outfit. 

Each envelope-shaped jewelry bag comes with water-resistant lining and has two sections with zippered pockets. These hand-printed quilted envelope bags could be a thoughtful gifting idea for a jewelry lover!

BONUS STYLE TIP: This floral printed cotton jewelry bag is so versatile that it can be styled to spruce up any outfit!

3. Medicine Pouches

Almost every house has a medical kit wherein we store all the basic important medicines, thermometer, antiseptic liquids, and bandages. But what do you do when you’re travelling? Now that the lockdown has been lifted, people have started to travel back to their hometowns and meet their loved ones, this medicine pouch is a must-have for your travel bag.

We recommend you to try these super light-weight cotton medicine pouch bags that come with a separator and three different water-resistant sections to keep the medicines well organized.

P.S.- They’re equal parts stylish, equal parts utilitarian. 

4. Toiletry Bags

This humble accessory might seem unimportant and is often least talked about but for those of you who have managed to get your clothes ruined by spilling your favorite shampoo on them, would know what we are talking about! 

We suggest you try these super-practical durable waterproof bags that come with a separator and pockets inside. This toiletry bag comes in a great size for those weekend trips and can accommodate all your basics. And oh, it can fit inside your work bag too!

P.S.- We have them in adorably cute prints!

5. Twin Pocket Toiletry Bags

Finicky about products getting mixed in your travel bag? This ultra-convenient twin toiletry bag has compartments/pockets on both sides and is spacious enough to carry all your makeup and skincare essentials. 

They also come with a zippered pocket inside for extra storage while keeping everything tucked inside safely. Crafted with cotton and waterproof lining, these aesthetically-pleasing toiletry bags are perfect for easy and mess-free packing.

This travel gear is sure to keep your products clean, safe and organized.

Psst! Can’t head to a beach but craving those vibes? Spruce up your wardrobe with our tropical print toiletry bags!

If you’re familiar with organization guru, Marie Kondo, (refer: Tidying Up with Marie Kondo on Netflix!), you’re sure to “spark joy” in your life with our insanely cute utility bags that are great to organize your travel (and your life!).

And now that you’ve become aware of the must-have utility bags to own in 2020, take charge to tidy up the clutter with our durable cotton designer utility bags.

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