Rakhi Return Gifts for Sister That She Will Love

Rakshabandhan, a popular Hindu traditional festival of India, celebrates the bond of siblings. It is a day dedicated to brothers and sisters where the sister ties a band on the hand of her brother, symbolizing the affection that they share with each other.

As a token of bond that they share, the siblings exchange gifts and prepare a feast, making Rakhi a special festive occasion for a merry time with family.

Though this Rakhi will be a bit different, this time you should opt to order an online rakhi gift for sister.

Wouldn’t it be a win-win situation for everyone? Most certainly. Now that we have the solution for one huge problem, let’s get onto the next one, i.e., deciding the perfect gift for your sister that will put on a wide smile on her face.

We are quite sure that your sister must have already started preparing for Rakhi. She must have been scrolling through the internet to find you that perfect Rakhi and a great gift.

So, why should you stay behind? It’s time that you start exploring rakhi gift ideas for sister that will take her by surprise and leave her awestruck.

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Don’t worry, we are here to help you find the ideal rakhi return gifts for sister. Below we have enlisted some unique rakhi gift ideas for sisters that you can check out and zero down depending upon the personal taste and preferences of your dear sibling:

Show that you care with handmade and hand-packed chocolates and desserts

Chocolates or anything sweet makes perfect gifts for not only Rakhi but any special occasion. And, we are quite sure that this lockdown must have turned you into a cook (hopefully, a decent one) and you must have tried your hands on some desserts, too.

Even if you haven’t Rakhi is the perfect time to just wear that apron and get on with some chocolate-making and baking. BTW, chocolates are actually one of the easiest things to make at home.

So, if you really want to surprise her with something handcrafted and homemade, make her some chocolates or cupcakes (or any other DIY dessert) and just gift-wrap them beautifully. 

After wrapping them individually in colourful foil wraps, stack them nicely in a handmade box, like the one shown below, or you may also place them in a basket or a tray, along with some favorite eatables that she loves.

Surprise her with a fashion ensemble

Girls love indulging in clothes, making it a valuable gift for Rakhi.

As its monsoon, you can either go for trending monsoon wear, or if you want to play safe, you can gift her some everyday comfort wear that she can wear it to her college, office, or casual outings. If you are looking to buy something more festive for her, our advice would be to go for a Kurta set with intricate detailing.

A pro tip when choosing an outfit for your sister: Sneak into her room and check out her wardrobe to understand her style and taste. Analyze what colours your sister prefers, the cuts she wears, etc., and you’ll be able to take a smarter decision. #YourWelcome

For example, if she is someone who likes to wear bright colours and love dresses you can opt for this knotted dress which is ideal for the workday as well as a lunch with family or friends.

In case, you have a tighter budget, invest in a versatile printed shirt, or top that can be styled in various ways.

Stationeries are classic Rakhi delights

When in doubt, go for stationeries. Stationery items are amongst the most flexible and adaptable Rakhi gifts for girls, and you can never go wrong with it. Depending on your budgets, you can go for stationery hampers, stationery sets, or just customize your own set with assorted items.

You may create a coordinated set and include file folder, memo box, clipboard, stationery tray, pen stand, etc. You can also add a quirky notebook to complete the set.

Accessories are another safe gift option to bet on

Looking for something fancier than stationery, but something less elaborate than an outfit? Well, we know exactly what you need: Accessories!

Silver or statement jewellery pieces, stoles, handbag, and other such things are great gifting options to explore.

If you are not sure of what kind of jewellery your sister adorns, its safer to opt for a good summer stole that she can pair up on a top, tunic, and even a Kurti.

When going for handbags, opt for sustainable, ethical cotton fabric handbags that are also super trending right now. You can team them up with multi-utility kits, too for that extra punch.

Go that extra mile with home furnishings

Women love things that amp up their living spaces. Married or unmarried, your sister may be taking more interest in decorating and furnishing her room and the home spaces, making home furnishings a thoughtful present for Rakhi.

For home furnishings, too, you have a variety of options to choose from. Bed linen including bedcovers, quilts, duvet covers, and table linens like runner, placemats, etc., there’s so much you can do.

So, the wise idea would be to set a budget, understand what she really wants/needs at the point, and then explore your options.

Jaipur’s handblock printed bedcovers are one of the most popular and sought-after things in home furnishings. You can also pair it up with a complementing quilt or a dohar set.

If you do not want to go for a full set, you may also go for cushion covers that can be used for bedrooms as well as living room sofas, making it a quirky rakhi gift to invest in.

Wrapping it up with love

To conclude our unique rakhi gift ideas for sisters, we would just say that do not stress out when choosing a gift for your sister. Do not take it as a task, but see it as a way to know your sister better. And trust us, you will make the right choice. When unwrapping your gift, she’ll know that you care deeply, and will be there for her always.

P.S. Add that extra touch of personalization with a handwritten note on your gift.

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