Sustainable Gift Packaging Ideas for Raksha Bandhan

Gifting is something that we take very personally as it is a reflection of us and our understanding of the person the gift is being bought for. After spending hours choosing and buying the perfect gift for someone, we often struggle with packing it such that it brings a huge smile on the face of the person it is meant for. 
Gift wrapping or packaging is an essential part of gifting lifts the mood of the room when an item is brought in beautifully packed and decorated. It adds to the joy of the person receiving it and the person giving it. 
The way gifts have been wrapped has evolved over the years. From tiny gifts wrapped in newspaper and drawn over in school classrooms to presents wrapped in themed pastels or bright and blingy materials. With people becoming more and more conscious about everyday choices, gifting is also taking a turn towards sustainability. 

So while you buy plants and seed papers, recycled books and diaries here are a few creative gift packaging ideas to make your gifts a little more unique, save you money and help you make sustainable choices.

Creative Gift Packaging Ideas for Rakhi 2022: 

1) Furoshiki

The traditional Japanese cloth wrapping technique that embraces the philosophy of being eco-friendly. The idea is to neatly fold the cloth and tie the knot in a way that suits your gift. You can even play with the color and the patterns on the cloth to make it suit the occasion! And then, the receiver can always use it to present it to someone else.

    2) Newspapers

    Do you also have many old newspapers in the corner of the house? Well, it’s time to use them! A newspaper can become a beautiful gift wrap, the effect is guaranteed. If folded properly on a box mostly, newspapers can look very neat. 
    The newspapers from a different language or a page from the comic section will look really cool as well. To make the package you can try to use kitchen string, add the red berries, or create roses or a rosette with the newspaper itself.
    Let the joy of receiving a ‘brown paper package’ be relived through these sustainably packed gifts. 

    3) Pages of Old Books

    Maybe someone won’t agree, but there are books that can be recycled to create really delightful bags. The procedure is fairly intuitive. Take a page of your book and create two wings and fold them up inside. Use the tape to stick. Close one of the two ends as a classic gift box. 
    The bag is ready, you just have to put the gift in the box and close it with a clothespin or with a bow by creating two holes at the top.
    Have some Atlas books from school? Or old magazines? Or even an old encyclopedia? Great, just use them to wrap your gifts in and you have a reused but original gift wrap paper!

    4) Paper Cups

    You might have bought many-colored paper cups and, didn’t throw them away, waiting for the right opportunity to reuse them. Here it is! 
    It is a package truly original and perfect for a small gift. Just cut away the edge at the top and create 5-6 tabs, cutting perpendicularly to a few centimetres. Now bend the tabs in and overlap them one on the other and, if necessary, stopping with a little of the bioadhesive.
    The box is ready, and you just have to decorate it! 

    5) Box of Cereal

    For a bigger gift, you can use a cereal box. Remove the tabs at the top of the box and wrap it as you prefer, you can use old newspapers, maps, magazine covers too. Fold and glue the paper on the base and glue it on the opposite side to the inside. Now pierce both sides of the box, more or less at the same distance.
    Then enter the string and tie it. Voila! Here you have a unique gift packaging idea, that can be used anytime anywhere and make the other person receiving the gift feel important with the effort being put in to create this visual treat.  

    6) Old Shirts

    During your last trip, you bought a stunning organic wine as a gift, but you don’t know how to package it in an original way. Here’s the solution: an old men’s shirt! Cut off one of the sleeves and take a needle and thread. Sew the bottom and you’re done! Place the bottle and fix the cuff of the sleeve. To close the bag you can use a ribbon, directly the button up the shirt or reuse an old tie!
    Sustainable and Eco-friendly gift wrapping is a great way to step up and decorate your lovely gifts. These gift packaging techniques not only enhance the gift and put a smile on someone’s face but it’s also cost-effective and you’ll never spend too much money on packaging.

    7) Handmade Paper

    Handmade Paper, produced with cotton rags and other fabric waste products is highly environment friendly and prevents wastage. Ratan Jaipur produces handmade paper using fabric waste in an effort to contribute to nature. The cloth waste is turned into beautiful handmade paper which would easily turn any gift packaging into a vision. 
    The handmade paper just looks great, with its rich and vibrant colors, textures, and, uneven edges gives the gift an exclusivity. 
    The beauty and strength of handmade paper provide a great opportunity for creativity. It can not only be used for wrapping gifts but also as a gift. It can be used to make diverse and stylish products such as bags, diaries, envelopes, gifts and gift boxes, packaging, photo albums, office accessories.
    So if you love beautiful things and are passionate about protecting the environment, explore these new and exciting ways of decking up your gift and adding more personality to them.