It’s that time of the year again when sorrows turn into joy, monotony turns into excitement and pessimism turns into hope and curiosity!

It is that time when the beautiful flowers around serve as the perfect eye candy and the aromas of delicious delicacies soothe your senses. And to top it all, the happy and cheerful bustles of festivals serve as an icing on the cake!

Who wouldn’t want to spread love and joy when such perfect opportunities present themselves? And just when you start looking, Ratan serves as your knight in shining armour.

When words and gestures fail, gifts do the talking. What could personify love, care and affection more than unique handmade gifts, the beauty and personal touch of which is unmatched? Considering the importance of this, Ratan has just the thing(s) for you!

To begin with, there are decorative gift boxes which are a by-product of the fusion of traditional hand-block prints and customized creativity; a perfect amalgamation of ancient grace and urban chic. Given the intricate designs, this could serve as a perfect token of love.

There’s more in store! For the fashion lovers out there, there is a wide variety of sophisticated, graceful handmade shawls that can never go out of style. They can help you pull off the “boho-chic” look when out with friends or on a date and can just as much serve as a graceful drape when out for family gatherings.

There is also an array of quilted winter jackets which scream that beauty and discomfort need not go hand in hand. The indo-western look on one hand makes you the centre of attention and the extremely soft material on the other, leaves you feeling warm and fuzzy; just how one dreams winter clothing to be!


Not just this, there is also a mixed bag of ethnic apparel for men, women and children with intricate designs and fabrics that will surely make you fall in love. When it comes to gifting your loved ones or pampering your own self, one need never compromise with quality here at Ratan.

Last but not the least, we also have a line-up of snugly, soft hand-block printed quilts that are sure to add a royal aura to your bedrooms whilst providing utmost comfort and just the right amount of warmth in every season.

What truly makes things unique here is the fact that no compromises are made anywhere, be it quality or protection and conservation of our environment. Every fabric made here is made up of 100% soft cotton and environment friendly paper is used to make handmade paper products.

So why hold yourselves back from spreading love, care and joy this season? When we have just the things to make your loved ones and you feel special!