4 Ways to Incorporate Print Decor to Refresh Your Home Ambience

It’s your space. Have a little fun or maybe go wild. Just don’t stop experimenting.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with your home décor. After all, you got one life and most probably one home, so you should keep evolving your personal spaces and keep its vibe lively & fresh.

Mixing patterns and prints in your living room can just notch up your décor game and make your space look brighter and eccentric.

In fact, here, we’ll help you with choosing the right prints and patterns, along with some basic guidelines that you can follow when playing with them.

  1.     If you are blending prints and patterns together, begin with three different prints in three sizes.
  2.     Always remember that bold prints would only work on large pieces. Go for detailed and smaller prints for smaller pieces.
  3.     Balance out the prints in the room with a solid colour wall or sofa.
  4.     Be consistent with the colour palette. This doesn’t mean you cannot have contrasting colours but it is for sticking to one colour tone. example: If you have a bold colour palette, do not fuse in pastels.
  5.     Do not shy away from breaking rules. If you want to experiment and it doesn’t fit the norms, don’t worry, go on and try, because if it looks good to you, it’s your personal style statement.

Now that we have shared our pearls of wisdom regarding dos and don’ts when working with prints, let us enlist for you four easy ways to use decorative prints to spruce up your home spaces.

Decorating with floral prints

Oh, it’s classic, playful, and vibrant, floral prints will forever remain timeless for home décor and why not!  Embracing floral prints in your living spaces can do wonders to your ambience and give it a welcoming and warm vibe.

Floral sofas, cushion covers or curtains can be great ways of adding flowery patterns to your living room and for your dining, having a floral runner or a table mat set can really do the magic. In your bedroom, you can either go for a floral wallpaper if you are all for flowers and nature, otherwise, if you want a non-permanent and more vibrant look, you can opt for floral bed linens. 

Stripes and dots

If you love bold and lively patterns, stripes and polka dots decorative prints home décor is the ultimate choice for you. Now if you want to go subtle with your choice, you can go for polka dot accents in table linens, cushion covers, small stripe and polka dot inspired art pieces or paintings, etc. But, if you are looking to go all the way with it, having striped or dotted ottoman or sofas, wall art or curtains would do greater justice.

Add a Bohemian/Moroccan touch with middle-eastern prints

If you want to give your living space a middle-eastern style makeover, we are all hearts for it! The blend of strong colours, the angular designs, and the precise details having bohemian or Moroccan home decor prints can really jazz up your place and enliven the aura.

However, the one thing you must remember while going for the middle-eastern patterns is to balance it out with neutral colours. Strike a chord with subtle backgrounds, walls, and furniture and let your boho-prints do the talking.


Go for contemporary abstract geometric prints for minimalist décor

Not a fan of maximalist print décor and patterns and yet want to try out prints? You can go for a cleaner, less-is-more kind of abstract geometric prints.

Blocks, checks, angles, and modern abstract prints can give you a sense of play without taking away the minimal, casual look of your living space. Integrate the geometric prints in the little details of your home, like a small nook or a shelf, your essential table accessories, or the small decorative items. And, in case you are looking to push yourself further and play with minimal yet striking print decor, a geometric pattern rug under your centre table, or a standalone sofa in abstract print can add that right amount of funk to your clean, neutral space.

Ready to have some fun?

Whenever you start doing your home makeover, just remember to work with a clear focus and theme in a mind. Trying on with all prints and patterns together may not give you the desired look. So, sit down, take a deep breath and take the first step, i.e., imagine how you see your home. Stick to the prints and patterns that you love and you’ll be good. And, we hope that when you have decided on your way, these aforementioned easy and fun ways of incorporating prints and patterns in your home spaces will help in leading your way to achieve the desired goal.