Did you know that on average, a person spends close to one-third of their life in their bedroom? Not because sleeping is the new working, but because for most of us, bedrooms are the most comfortable spaces in the house!


There is nothing that you would want to do more than crash in your bed the moment you come back from a long day at work/ studying, and that goes without any exceptions! So shouldn’t you ensure that the bed you crash in is at its finest at every point?


Making your bedding perfect both visually & comfort-wise can be a very hectic task- so we have tried to simplify it for you. Check out these tips to make your bedding with ease, it will come in handy! You can also click here to look at some great bedding options like matching bed sheets & pillow covers!


The first thing that subconsciously catches your eye when you enter a bedroom is the bed and its color scheming. While it may not be obvious, colors play a very important role in building comfort; harsh colors can give you stress, while soft colors help you stay composed and calm.


Focus on getting bed sheets whose colors complement the walls and décor in your room. For instance, if the walls are a light color (grey, light blue, light pink, cream), getting a darker shade of bedsheet would give a contrasting effect and make the bedding pop up.


Similarly, if your walls have a darker color (terracotta, red, dark blue), choose a lighter shade for the bedsheet to enhance the overall look.


While these are all textbook suggestions, there is no rule to base your color in a contrasting way. If the color of your walls is white, and you feel a white-colored bedsheet would make your bedding look cozy, go for it!


The only thing you need to keep in mind is to not make your room look overwhelming. For a better understanding, visit here and check out some great color options for your sheets.


We have all heard someone say that cotton is the best clothing material for summers, synthetic (cotton mixed) for monsoons, and woollen for winters. Well, that concept applies to not just your clothes- but to your bed sheets/ quilts, pillow covers, and bed covers too!


As much as the right color scheming is important for your bedding if the material is not suitable, it will all go for a toss. When you are buying quilt covers/ bed covers, don’t only focus on how pretty or elegant they look, make sure to also check the fabric used, this will help you sustain these items for a longer time.


To simplify, if you live in a city like Jaipur which is hot for most of the year, buy bed/ quilt covers made of cotton fabric. For more information about quilt cover options, click here.


Of course, bedsheets or bed covers are not the only item that will make your bedding look complete. They definitely set the base and add comfort, but they do not complete the look entirely.


In most cases, you will notice a bed with a set of two pillows – even in brochures! That must be your thought too when you think of bedding- “a pretty looking bedsheet, and two pillows”. While that is true, you can enhance your bedding by adding more layers. 


Get a couple of more cushions of different shapes and sizes, preferably of contrasting colors too to make the bedding look appealing. Plus, you can never go wrong with pillows & cushions- the more, the merrier! If you want to check out some options for pillow covers, click here. 


There is a reason why we want to jump on beds in hotel rooms the moment we see them- it’s because of how perfectly they have been organized. That is learning you should apply in your bedroom too. Do not fill your bed with items in a way that it looks full. Organize everything in a way that it fits in. Your bedroom is your comfort space, so prioritize that and position every bedding item soothingly.


View your options, check out how they can be utilized in your bedroom space, and then make a purchase. For example, if you have a small room, don’t fill the bed with a lot of pillows or multiple covers or dark colored bedsheets, that will only make the bed look crowded! 


Click here and look at some bedding options- you will get an insight into how minimal items can also make your bedding look the most luxurious!


Your bedding can not only add vibrance and comfort to your bed, but it can also remodel your entire room! This is why it is important to focus on what you like and be open to creating your bedding- not just go for pre-made bedding sets.


Look at options that give you the liberty to pick up separate items like bedsheets/ quilts/ covers/ pillow covers like this one, and then give you the choice of architecting your bedding exactly how you want to!