What are considered Kitchen Linens?

A fully-functional kitchen is incomplete without the kitchen linens. And, for all those who like to keep their kitchen spaces looking fresh and stylish, it's a must to invest in some superior quality kitchen linen that looks good and serves the right purpose.

Here we will guide you through everything to know about kitchen linens, i.e., what are the essential kitchen linens to have and what’s their utility. So, shall we begin?

What are kitchen linens?

Kitchen linens are all those essentials that come in handy during preparing or serving food. This would primarily include.

  • Aprons
  • Oven Mittens & Gloves
  • Pot Holder Cloth
  • Dish Towels
  • All-Purpose Kitchen Towels

Now let’s understand each of their uses for a well-functioning kitchen. 


Preparing a meal can get messy and you wouldn’t want your clothes to be stained and ruined from any spillage etc. This is why an apron is your best linen friend in the kitchen. But as the Masterchef of your home, you would want to look your part which is why your apron should look as good as the food you prepare for your loved ones.

Take this cotton schiffli apron in a beautiful blue hue. Just the thing you need to elevate your kitchen style! Shop this here

Oven Mittens & Gloves

If you love baking or cooking dishes in the oven, you would know how important oven mittens and gloves are to handle the oven cookware. 

We have a range oven mittens and gloves that come in varied styles and beautiful block print designs.

Like these cotton oven gloves that come in beautiful indigo jaal 

Or this bright butterfly pink and green classic gloves

These yellow-green cotton oven mittens are also much in trend these days and are quite functional for bakers and pastry chefs.

Pot Holder Cloth

A Pot holder cloth can serve two purposes – One, they can be used to handle hot bowls or containers, and two, they can be placed on your dining table for keeping hot pots.

Choose from our range of delicately handcrafted and block printed pot holders with Mughal art-inspired motifs to add a touch of elegance to your kitchen and dining spaces.

Dish Towels

Dish Towels are basically used to swipe clean the washed dishes and kitchenware. The best ones are soft with a smooth texture and are highly absorbent. 

We have recently launched our Water Melon Pink Cotton Kitchen Towel Set of 3 that come in a set of 3. They dry faster, absorb moisture well and look amazing too. 

Kitchen Towels

A kitchen will always need some fresh and bright all-purpose towels that can be used to wipe dishes, clean the kitchen top and other surfaces.

We have a wide array of modish and luxurious kitchen towels that come in a set of 3 and are crafted from 100% cotton fabric. Discover your favourites here.

Bottom line

Make your kitchen a happy place with artisanal kitchen linens by Ratan Jaipur and we promise that your family, friends, and all other guests would want come to you for tips on elevating their kitchen spaces. 

Check out our complete range of kitchen linen and more on our website.