Are quilts warm enough for winter?

Tucked in a warm quilt on a winter night, reading a book or watching Netflix – aah, cosiest feeling ever, right?

For the unversed, quilts are winter essentials in which cotton filling is quilted between two layers of fabric.

Being layered, quilts are undoubtedly the perfect choice amongst other alternatives for the winter season.

However, nothing beats the comfort and warmth of the quintessential cotton quilts by Ratan Jaipur, making them ideal for the winter season. 

Let us give you 5 reasons why our cotton quilts are the best winter companions to have and are warm enough to keep you cosy this season.

Layered quilts are excellent to create insulation

Our quilts are made of the softest voile cotton outer layers and 100% cotton filling inside. When wrapped, they create insulation, trapping the body heat generated by the person inside. This keeps you warm and allows that breathability that you may not get with other blankets made of synthetic materials.

Quilts are lightweight and durable

Our quilts are made from natural fabrics and quilted to perfection, making them highly durable and lightweight. They are easy to use as well as to store. However, being lightweight doesn't in any way hampers its effectiveness and absolutely works in colder temperatures

Ideal for people with sensitive skin or allergies

Natural materials like cotton are innately hypoallergenic in nature. Hence, our cotton quilts are ideal for people who have sensitive skin, eczema, or other allergies. This is because our winter quilts are made of 100% cotton making them typically breathable enough to restrict the growth of any mold, bacteria or allergens. 

Extra cotton filling quilts for colder nights

If you are living in areas where temperatures get quite low in winter, we have a range of extra cotton filling winter quilts. 

They come with extra thick cotton filling quilted firmly to provide adequate warmth on those long cold nights. 

Comes in multiple sizes 

Apart from the soft fabric and cotton filling used to make our quilts, their sizes play a significant role in making them ideal for winter. Why you ask?

Well, during the cold season, you would want to snug in and just be properly wrapped in your quilt, right? Hence, you would need a good size quilt to keep you all warm. This is why our cotton quilts come in medium (152x250 cms), double : (210x270 cms) and king : (260x270 cms) sizes. 

Moreover, our extra winter quilts come with extra cotton filling in which the medium quilt has 2 kg, the double has 3 kg and the king has 3.3 kg of cotton filling. 

Ready to beat the cold with cotton quilts?

So, we have listed out all the qualities and characteristics of our cotton quilts that make them ideal to keep warm in the winter season. Do you need any more hints on why you should be stocking up on your favourites from Ratan Jaipur? We think not. 

Explore the latest collection of winter and extra winter quilts on our website, here, and stay cuddled up and at ease all season long.